Syrah with no added sulphites


Grape variety: Syrah
Vineyard planting year: 2012
Total hectares in production: 0.25 ha
Training system: Guyot
Yield: 63

Red wine from Syrah grapes
Without Added Sulfites
Certification body for Varietal Wines: Valoritalia srl
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol Content: 15.5% Vol.
Sulphites: 28 mg / liter (maximum content of total sulfur dioxide by law – Regulation (EC) No. 606 / 2009-; 150 mg / liter for red wines and 200 mg / liter for white wines)
The sulphites present in wine were naturally produced by yeasts during alcoholic fermentation.
Harvest: manual in 18 kg crates
Maceration days: 10
Fermentation temperature: 27 ° C
Malolactic fermentation did not take place
Total acidity: 6.5 g / liter
Refinement in the bottle
Number of bottles produced: 1400